Moisture Testing


Problems with floor coverings, such as bubbles, blisters, and delamination, occur when an impermeable floor covering or sealer traps excess moisture remaining in the slab. The key is to wait until the moisture level reaches an equilibrium point or is acceptably close to it before sealing. Pinpointing that specific equilibrium point sounds relatively simple in theory, but is difficult to measure. Moisture is not evenly distributed throughout a slab, and changing environmental conditions cause moisture to move into or out of the slab. This is why moisture testing is a necessity.

Moisture testing should be performed on concrete slabs receiving resilient floor covering, carpet tiles or wood flooring regardless of their age or grade level including areas where resilient flooring, carpet tiles or wood flooring have already been installed. Such products may include, but are not limited to, any non-breathable floor covering such as vinyl, rubber sheet goods, plastic backed carpeting, linoleum, cork flooring, hardwood flooring, epoxy coatings, etc.

Moisture testing is required by all floor manufacturers. Results must meet acceptable moisture emission and/or relative humidity levels and pH limits in order for a manufacturer’s warranty to apply.

Industry tests are as follows:

Concrete Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER)

The calcium chloride vapor emission test was developed over 40 years ago to quantify the volume of water vapor radiating from a concrete slab surface over time. This is the standard test method for measuring the moisture vapor emission rate of concrete subfloors using anhydrous calcium chloride.
Our field technicians are certified IICRC and will do your job with the latest diagnostic equipment to assure data integrity, efficiency as well as accurate and complete test results.

Relative Humidity in Concrete Floor Slabs

This test determines relative humidity in concrete floor slabs using in-situ probes. The probes develop a profile of moisture conditions at multiple depths providing more detailed information and allowing for a more informed decision regarding the installation of floor coverings or the need to consider other alternatives.
While the in situ measurement of relative humidity does give an overview of the moisture throughout the slab, it does not directly address the issue of moisture vapor pressure. Similarly, the calcium chloride test shows what a slab's surface water vapor activity is like but does not take into account moisture content deeper within the slab. A combination of these tests, performed concurrently offers the greatest depth of data and confidence in decision making. When a single test is specified, the calcium chloride test is best used as a forensic tool in failure investigations and in-situ relative humidity tests are the best pre-installation predictor of potential moisture related floor covering installation failures.

Carpet Repair Services, Inc has a vast knowledge of flooring related issues spanning over 30 years of experience.  A consultation with our trained and certified technicians can give you a greater understanding of the factors related to moisture issues with concrete slabs along with the proper methods to test for them. This added knowledge will help prevent or minimize moisture related flooring failures over concrete surfaces. In addition, we offer consultation on color repair, installation, purchasing, repairs, performance requirements and much more. By implementing pre-installation information provided by Carpet Repair Services, LLC. you are providing a solid foundation for your project. Our goal is to help you stay informed about the process, assist in achieving your goals and making sure it is done to your satisfaction. 

Carpet Repair Services experts are often called as expert witness in many different flooring issues.

All moisture testing is done according to ASTM protocols.

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